Chasing The Cupcake Boy

(Men Of Melbourne #1)

After a horrifying act of violence left him disabled, scarred and in fear for his life, Alex Michaels has spent the last seven years hiding from the world.  Living in a prison-like house in Melbourne, Australia under an assumed identity ,the reclusive man works from home making cupcake recipe internet videos. Using the screen name CupcakeBoy, his thriving home business has amassed a huge online following, but Alex maintains his anonymity by never showing his face in his videos. But on one of his rare trips out into the real world, he quite literally runs into a man who will shatter the protective walls Alex has spent years building around himself.

Nick Hawke owns a successful fitness empire, with hundreds of gyms across Australia. But his busy schedule, dominant tendencies and deep attraction to chubbier guys means he rarely gets to meet compatible men. That all changes when he accidentally knocks over a gorgeous, plump man outside a coffee shop who is just his type. But the man is secretive, anti social and refuses to give Nick the time of day. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Nick pursues the mysterious Alex and hopes to not only uncover his secrets, but win his heart.

However, their budding new romance has attracted the attention of a dangerous threat from Alex’s past. One that could cost both men their lives.

It seems Nick isn’t the only one chasing the cupcake boy…

Released: July 14, 2019

eBook: (Universal Amazon Link!)

(eBook edition is currently available exclusively on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited)

Christmas With The Cupcake Boy

(Men Of Melbourne #2)

With their first Christmas together as a couple coming up, Alex and Nick are both are living busy, stressful lives with little to no time to relax and unwind. Alex decides the Christmas holidays are the perfect opportunity for them to escape the rat race of Melbourne and indulge in a luxury spa resort up the coast.

But when his plans fall through and they are forced to return home, Alex isn’t willing to give up on his idea of a relaxing, luxurious holiday with his man. So what’s a Cupcake Boy to do? With no chance of booking another trip so close to Christmas, there is only one way Alex and Nick will spend a week in a spa resort – Alex will have to create one of his own at home!

Get ready for one of the weirdest, funniest, sexiest and most pineapple-filled Christmas tales you are ever likely to experience. Featuring the characters from “Chasing The Cupcake Boy” this book is a standalone novella, but is best enjoyed if you have read the original book first.

Release Date: November 14, 2019

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(eBook edition is currently available exclusively on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited)

Hearts Unfrozen

(Men of Melbourne #3)

Detective Paul Kincaid is unlucky in love. It’s not easy finding someone who can handle the random work hours, stress and unpredictability that comes with being a cop’s partner. After another romantic relationship implodes, he’s all but given up on finding love. But while investigating a puzzling homicide case, he meets a man unlike anyone he’s ever met before. Could he have finally found Mr Right?

After suffering an acquired brain injury in a car accident several years earlier, Jarod Cruikshank’s life was changed irrevocably. Left unable to feel emotions or easily recognise them in others, the gifted linguist now works from home as a freelance text translator. Focusing almost obsessively on his work, and with very few friends to distract him, Jarod has adapted to his new, somewhat isolated life.

But when his neighbour is brutally murdered, Jarod is brought face to face with a handsome police detective who has the potential to alter his world forever. The two men will have to work together to unravel the cryptic, macabre clues left by a deranged killer. But can they solve the mystery and unravel their feelings for each other before the killer comes after them?

Release Date: June 5, 2020

eBook: (Universal Amazon Link!)

(eBook edition is currently available exclusively on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited)

My Big Gay Family Christmas Fiasco

(Holiday Novella)

Charlie Nolan hates Christmas.

Mainly because Christmas for him means being trapped for four days with his parents and extended family along with their swirling vortex of lunacy and drama. Mum is going crazy trying to find the cake forks. Dad is building a Christmas light display that could potentially burn down the house. Grandma has a sexy young toy boy, and Uncle Jack is dressed as an elf. The Nolan house is a powder keg waiting to explode.

When a friendly party game sets emotions on high, it initiates a chain reaction that the Nolan family may never recover from. Secrets will be revealed. Lies will be exposed. Hearts will be broken. Juicy Scandals will be made public. The fruit mince pies will be disgusting. In other words, a fairly standard Nolan family Christmas.

This year, amid the usual chaos and insanity, a little Christmas magic could see some past mistakes corrected, leading to an old romance rekindled for Charlie. But only a Christmas miracle will spare this year’s family gathering from being a total fiasco!

Warning: this light-hearted holiday novella contains some coarse language, sexual references, smutty humour, inappropriately named cocktails, more drama than a telenovela and is suitable only for persons 18+

Release Date: December 1st 2020

eBook: (Universal Amazon Link!)

(eBook edition is currently available exclusively on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited)

Following His Bliss

After suffering a personal tragedy, Mikey Bradshaw is forced to reassess his life choices. Instead of working in a job he hates to please his domineering father, he decides to leave the big city behind for a slower pace of life in the country, pursuing his dream of being an artist. While the little town of Cooper’s Landing and the handsome local cop welcome him with open arms, Mikey soon discovers that life in the country may not be as peaceful as he anticipated.

Wayne Townsend is the sole police officer in Cooper’s Landing. While his town is quiet and relatively crime-free, Wayne dreams of a little action once in a while. He gets more than he bargained for when a hot city boy moves to town and begins receiving threats from an unknown assailant.

Despite the friendly faces of the quirky townsfolk, Cooper’s Landing has a dark secret – and someone will stop at nothing to keep it under wraps. Who is targeting Mikey and why? Can Wayne uncover the mystery and win the city boy’s heart before someone gets killed?

This 45k standalone novel features a slow burn romance, mystery, suspense, a cast of fun country characters and a cafe run by two former BDSM Doms!

Release Date: August 13, 2021

Amazon Link: (Universal Amazon Link)

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