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October Recent Reads

Hi Everyone! As we approach the tail end of the year, and we enter the silly season of parties, celebrations and general busyness, it is more important than ever to kick back, relax and take a little downtime. I relax best with books. And when life gets hectic and I need a little time out,…

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September Recent Reads

Hello All! It’s been a busy month in my real life, featuring run ins with plumbers (in not even remotely sexy situations) car explosions (in even less sexy situations) and the universe doing it’s best to distract me from work, writing and a reasonable sleep pattern! But through it all, I somehow managed to keep…

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My Recent Reads

Hi All! I’ve been super busy recently. I’ve been hard at work on a couple of new writing projects, getting some long overdue work done in my kitchen (including getting a dodgy oven door repaired and replacing my ancient dishwasher) and the usual fun and games that real life tends to throw at you. But…

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