Things I Read This Week

Get ready for some more reading recommendations as I share with you, dear reader, some of the more interesting novels I ravenously consumed this week!

“Catching Heir” by Julia Talbot

I love the Dreamspun Desires series. Such lovely, snackable stories with fun characters and always a happy ending. Catching Heir is no exception.

When professional snowboarder Cullen Patrick inherits a grand old Colorado hotel from the grandfather he never knew, he ends up finding something his successful sporting career has been lacking – a home; somewhere to belong; and perhaps maybe even the love of his life. But it won’t be all smooth sailing. He’ll have to make peace with the hotel manager, a man who has not only devoted his life to running the hotel, but cared for Cullen’s grandfather in his final years.

Matt Nathanson has been managing the Treeline Estate for over a decade. In one weeks time, the the will of the deceased owner, whom he cared for like family, stipulates the hotel will go to Matt if no living relatives can be found. What are the odds the lawyers would actually find a long lost grandson to inherit everything? Matt is furious. All he wants is to finish renovating the old hotel, and run things his way. Now he has to deal with a new owner with zero hotel experience, and deal with the snowboarder’s plans to build a snow park behind the hotel!

As they get to know each other, Cullen and Matt soon discover that they are on the same side, and that their mutual attraction could lead to something wonderful, if their pasts don’t get in the way first…

A quick and easy read, with fun side characters and a whole lot of heart. Very enjoyable.

“Touch Me Gently” by J.R. Loveless

Trigger Warning: This book deals with dark themes, including childhood abuse and sexual violence.

Touch Me Gently is one of those books that will stay with you forever. It’s a sweet story of love overcoming all obstacles, but it is laced with some pretty heavy moments, so be warned.

Kaden James survived years of horrific childhood abuse. As a result, he lives with PTSD, crippling anxiety and a pathological fear of larger men. At 19, his life is not going well. He’s poor, alone and has difficulty interacting with others or holding down a regular job. But a work recruiter offers him the chance of a lifetime: to escape New York City and work as a cook on a quiet ranch in Montana. Kaden jumps at the opportunity without really thinking. He needs a job, and is about to lose his tiny apartment anyway.

When he arrives at the ranch, Kaden is greeted by a towering cowboy, Logan Michaels, who owns the ranch and has a dark past himself. Kaden instantly believes his impulsive decision to come to Montana was a huge mistake, but Logan takes the boy under his wing, and soon discovers they have a lot in common.

Logan has always been attracted to women, but the shy, reclusive teen working in the ranch kitchen stirs feelings in him he doesn’t expect. But he will have to proceed carefully. Kaden has clearly been the victim of abuse, and it will take time to for the boy to trust Logan and open his heart.

This book goes to some pretty dark places, but the gentle relationship forged between these two men is beautiful to watch unfold. I’ve read Touch Me Gently several times, and it never fails to move me.

“Forget Me Knot” by Briton Frost

Let’s round up this post with something a little less intense! The Love In Knot Valley series of books is set in a universe where men can get pregnant. I know, it’s a little different to my usual choice of reading, but Forget Me Knot was the first MMPREG title I’ve ever read, and I really enjoyed it. So much so, I blitzed through the whole series in a few days.

After spending five years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Luke returns home to Knot Valley hoping to rebuild his life. But his home town isn’t exactly welcoming, and he has a lot of work to do getting his family farm back up and running. But when the surly Alpha meets Michael, a quirky Omega waiter at the town diner, he comes up with a plan that could solve all his problems.

Michael had a crush on Luke when they were in high school, but never thought for a minute the stunning man would ever be interested in someone like him. So when Luke spontaneously proposes marriage, Michael doesn’t know what’s happening. Is this love, or just a marriage of convenience?

At around 100 pages each, the Love In Knot Valley books are quick to read, but a whole lot of fun. If you like dominant alpha males, whirlwind romances and happy endings, give this series a try!

Well, that’s all for this week. I hope you have a lovely weekend and keep out of trouble!

Lots of Love

Alex Leslie


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