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Hi All!

I’ve been super busy recently. I’ve been hard at work on a couple of new writing projects, getting some long overdue work done in my kitchen (including getting a dodgy oven door repaired and replacing my ancient dishwasher) and the usual fun and games that real life tends to throw at you.

But even though I have been busy, I always make time for a little recreational reading. It’s my escape from the more mundane aspects of my everyday life, and it’s a whole lot of fun too. So here are some of the more interesting titles I have read recently. Hopefully something will spark your interest.

“Heart Unbroken” by Andrew Grey

The fourth book in Andrew Grey’s Hearts Entwined series, Heart Unbroken tells the story of Lee and Dean. If you haven’t checked out this series, drop everything and get to it – you won’t regret it!

Dean is unlucky in love. Three years after his disastrous relationship with Chuck, his manipulative, controlling and cheating ex; Dean has reluctantly accepted that romance and love just isn’t going to happen for him. He’s spent the last few years in the club scene, keeping things casual, never making connections. At first he was happy, but now he just feels empty. The only person who makes his heart skip a beat is Lee, the attractive guy who works with him at the garage. But what would the hot younger man want with someone like him?

Lee lost his sight five years ago. It’s taken time, but he’s finally adapted to living as a blind man in a sighted world. He had friends, family and a job he loves. But he’s frustrated. He wants his independence, but his mother is determined to “keep him safe” and won’t let him make mistakes or do things for himself. He’s also wants to be like any other gay man. He wants a boyfriend, but Dean, his boss and the object of his desire, is unlikely to want date a blind kid.

Can Dean and Lee find a way to communicate their desires and become something more than workmates? And who is the mysterious person harassing Lee? Will they be able to sort out their feelings before things escalate from ill-conceived pranks to something more dangerous?

Andrew Grey has an amazing talent for creating complex, engaging characters that you will fall in love with. His books are a symphony of drama, comedy, pathos and romance. I find myself rereading his books over and over, and you will too.

“Hard-Ass Is Here” by S.C. Wynne

This novella was a fun, quick read that I found very enjoyable. There is a follow up novella, Hard-Ass Vacation, that is also great, so I recommend them both.

Taylor is a senior analyst at a financial firm, and he’s spent months trying to find out who’s been embezzling from the company. When the big wigs send in a new manager to take over his department and find the thief, it doesn’t take Taylor long to realise he’s the new boss’s prime suspect.

Phillip is sexy, driven and a grade A hard-ass. Charged with the task of uncovering the identity of an embezzler, he won’t let anything stand in his way. But the hot senior analyst, and his number one suspect, is making it difficult to concentrate. Is Taylor really a thief, or is someone trying to set him up? And can he take the risk of starting a relationship with Taylor with a cloud of suspicion hanging over him?

S.C. Wynne write such lovely stories and had an eclectic range of titles, from modern romance to supernatural. I highly recommend exploring Wynne’s back catalogue – there’s something for everyone.

“Somebody Killed His Editor” by Josh Lanyon

When it comes to M/M romantic whodunnits, Josh Lanyon is the acknowledged master of the genre. Somebody Killed His Editor is the first book in the acclaimed Holmes & Moriarity series, and one of my favourite murder mystery titles.

Reclusive writer Christopher “Kit” Holmes has written dozens of whodunnit titles featuring his beloved elderly amateur sleuth Miss Butterwith and her cat Mr Pinkerton. But with sales down, he’s being pressured by his agent and new editor to “retire” Miss Butterwith and focus on writing something more “modern” that will attract more sales.

Kit’s agent convinces him to get a makeover and attend a writers conference at an isolated Northern Californian winery, where he can pitch his new ideas directly to the editor. But when a freak storm washes out the only bridge in or out, a writer is found dead in the nearby woods, and coming face to face with his ex – hot shot mystery writer J.X. Moriarity – it becomes clear that this weekend conference will be a lot more uncomfortable than Kit could ever have imagined.

Trapped with an unknown killer on the prowl and no way to contact the outside world, Kit and J.X. will have to join forces to solve the mystery before it’s too late.

Josh Lanyon creates beautifully detailed worlds with lots of quirky characters that you will absolutely adore. The numerous references to the main character’s book titles are a brilliant touch, and the relationship between Kit and J.X. slowly and naturally builds over the series. A fun, intriguing and very satisfying series of mystery titles that I cannot recommend enough.

Well, that’s all for now. I wish you Happy Reading and hope you have a wonderful month.

Lots of Love

Alex Leslie


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