Release Date and Preorders – “Christmas With The Cupcake Boy”

Hi Everyone!

Christmas With The Cupcake Boy (Men Of Melbourne #2) will be officially released in a few weeks time, so here is all the information about this upcoming novella!


With their first Christmas together as a couple fast approaching, Alex and Nick’s lives have changed more than either could have imagined. Both are living busy, stressful lives with little to no time to relax and unwind.

Alex decides the Christmas holidays are the perfect opportunity for them to escape the rat race of Melbourne and indulge in a luxury spa resort up the coast. But when his plans fall through and they are forced to return home, Alex isn’t willing to give up on his idea of a relaxing, luxurious holiday with his man.

So what’s a Cupcake Boy to do? With no chance of booking another trip so close to Christmas, there is only one way Alex and Nick will spend a week in a spa resort, Alex will have to create one of his own at home!

Get ready for one of the weirdest, funniest, sexiest and most pineapple-filled Christmas tales you are ever likely to experience. Featuring the characters from “Chasing The Cupcake Boy” this book is a standalone novella, but is best enjoyed if you have read the original book first.

Word Count: 20,000

Release Date: November 14, 2019

eBook Preorders:

(Please Note: The eBook edition is available for preorder on multiple platforms including Apple Books, Kobo and Nook via the above link. Unfortunately there is no preorder available for Amazon Kindle, but the Kindle edition will be available to purchase on Amazon on Release Day.)

Print (Paperback) Edition:

(Please Note: Print Edition is being self published via Lulu. Books will be printed to order and sent directly from the publisher. Please allow 2 – 7 business days printing time before orders are shipped.)

I hope you enjoy Christmas With The Cupcake Boy and thank you so much for all your support and encouragement in 2019!

Lots of Love

Alex Leslie


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