New Year, New Stuff

Hi Everyone, and Welcome to 2021!

While the New Year hasn’t exactly gone off to a rollicking good start so far, I have high hopes that things can only get better from this point forward. Given what we went through during the swirling vortex of despair that was 2020, I’d like to think this year will be an extraordinary improvement.

So far, I have been slowly getting back into writing. I’m currently working on several projects, but I’m also preparing for my return to my day job (which has regrettably taken a backseat over the last six months due to some health issues) so things are starting to get quite busy for me! So here are some updates on my upcoming releases:

Following His Bliss (Stand Alone Novel / Possible New Series)

This is my major writing project at this time. A spin off from the Men of Melbourne series, this novel is set in the small country town of Cooper’s Landing (as featured in Chasing The Cupcake Boy) and could possibly be the first book in a new series (depending on how well the first book is received)

It’s a romance / mystery / suspense story that sees a city boy, sick of living out his father’s dreams, leave behind his rat race life in Melbourne for a quieter pace of life in the country. But despite the town being warm and welcoming, someone clearly isn’t happy with the arrival of the new guy in town. When his life comes under threat, it’s up to his new beau, the town’s only police officer, to try and crack the case.

At this time, I’m about 40% through putting together the manuscript. Cover art is complete and I’ll be doing a cover reveal closer to release time. At this point, I don’t have a set release date, but I’m hoping to have the book complete and ready to read by the end of Q2 2021.

Untitled Omegaverse Series (Novella Series)

If you’ve been reading my book reviews on my blog, you’ll know that I was recently introduced to the whole Alpha/Omega MMPREG sub genre of romance writing. I found myself instantly hooked and I eventually decided to give the genre a go for myself. I’ve been toying with a few basic ideas so far, but no fleshed out writing just yet. This is something I’ll be doing on the side whenever I have free time or when I get bored with my other projects.

No estimated release date for this one. I’d call this a “long term” project, as I will most likely write several of these novellas and keep them in reserve before releasing them. More info when it comes to hand.

Christmas 2021 Novella (Short Romantic Comedy)

Based of the success of my 2020 release My Big Gay Family Christmas Fiasco, I’d like to release another holiday themed romantic comedy novella in 2021. I haven’t got any specific plans as yet, but if I decide to go ahead with the project (it all depends on time and whether I can come up with a decent story outline) it will most likely be out in early December 2021. No guarantees on this one as yet. I’ll confirm if I’m going ahead with this project later in the year. Stay tuned for more info.

Well, that’s about everything from my neck of the woods. I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe in these uncertain times.

Lots of Love

Alex Leslie


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