April Recent Reads

Hi All!

This last month has flown by like nobody’s business! Between Easter and recent torrential rains and floods, it’s been all go in my neck of the woods. But, I always set aside time for my recreational reading, and here are some of the highlights from my recent reads – enjoy!

“Rescue” by Mx. Alex

From the blurb:

Kipexo is a battle wounded commander just trying to return to active duty. To get him back to the front lines faster, his friends suggest he adopt an Earthling, a rescued human from the dying planet Earth. He thought he’d be getting a simple servant ready and willing to lend a helping hand, but from the day Ethan arrives, it becomes clear Kipexo got a whole lot more than he bargained for.

Ethan doesn’t know a word of Kipexo’s language, can’t follow even simple instructions, and seems bent on disobeying his new master at every turn. As Kipexo struggles to tame his new Earthling, he’s torn between the urge to punish Ethan and the desire to hold him close. When he learns Ethan has some scars of his own, Kipexo wonders if he should find the human a more suitable master or simply give in to temptation and take Ethan to bed.

My Thoughts:

Going in, I was expecting this book to be some kind of alien/human BDSM erotica tale, and in many ways it is. What’s I was not expecting was the beautifully crafted, detailed world building; the complex characters; the engaging storyline that kept me gripped – page after page, or how the author managed to keep throwing twists and curveballs while managing to keep the story easy to follow.

‘Rescue’ is the first book in a forthcoming series by new author Mx. Alex, with the next instalment on its way soon. Be aware, this book does end on a slight cliffhanger – but it’s worth it for such an engaging read. I can’t wait for the story to continue. Highly recommended.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

“Ranch Nanny” by B.A. Tortuga

From the blurb:

Trace is down on his luck, out of his teaching job, and on the road with his young daughter Susannah. Just as he’s contemplating tucking his proverbial tail between his legs and heading back to his ex or his parents to ask for help, a job opportunity falls into his lap. What he’s not sure about is working for a handsome cowboy. On a ranch. In the middle of nowhere.

Cowboy Brent has a ranch to run. three kids he inherited when his cousin passed away, and an elderly ranch hand with Alzheimer’s to care for. He needs help, stat, and when Trace falls shows up at the local diner, Brent doesn’t hesitate, even though he knows people might question Trace’s rainbow dreads and piercings.

As Trace struggles to fit in and do his ranch manny job, and Brent tries to make time to breathe, the two of them find common ground and gradually a burning heat for each other. But can they make a real home together, or will everything fall apart as they both try to keep up with all their responsibilities, and face a life or death situation for all of them?

My Thoughts:

If you like the M/M Cowboy stories, then you know that B.A Tortuga is the acknowledged queen of the genre. This new entry is a sweet, enjoyable slice-of-life tale of two men from very different worlds – brought together by fate, circumstance and their mutual attraction.

I found this book to be a comfy read on a quiet, rainy weekend. Low angst, cute kids, a sexy cowboy and a manny who could give Many Poppins a run for her money. Very enjoyable.

My Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5.

“Turns Out, I’m Fine” by Judith Lucy

From the blurb:

When the relationship Judith Lucy thought was The One broke down, her world fell apart. Not only was she single again and about to turn fifty but now that she didn’t have a partner to buy gourmet sausages with at Farmers’ Markets, she realised how much her relationship had enabled her to avoid dealing with: everything from her brother’s death to her doubts about doing comedy in an increasingly serious world situation.

Why was she so floored? Did all these problems have something in common? Judith went back to the start to try and work that out.

In her most candid and insightful book yet, Judith looks at her family and relationships to understand how despite being a feminist, her hopes and expectations have been shaped by men – whether it was thinking that she needed Mr Right to ‘complete her’ or struggling for male approval in most aspects of her life, including her work.

Having diagnosed the disease, Judith sets about healing. She explores other ways to get outside herself and make the most of the time she has left – community, volunteering, climate action and the natural world. And although things will doubtless keep going wrong (like covid!), it turns out … she’s fine.

My Thoughts:

I usually only talk about fiction titles in these blog posts, but I’m breaking with tradition because I simply adore Judith Lucy. As Australia’s undisputed queen of stand up comedy, I have been a great fan of her work for many years. Her first memoir “The Lucy Family Alphabet” was a masterpiece of Australian writing. If you haven’t read it, grab a copy now (preferably the audiobook, as it’s read by the author herself and it’s hilarious) as it will help fill you in on Lucy’s dysfunctional family life growing up.

In this second memoir, Lucy focuses on how her life has, for many varied reasons, fallen apart since she turned 50. Between the breakdown of her relationship with the man she thought was her soul mate, to the death of her brother and the realisation that there is a very strong possibility that she may die alone.

Lucy takes a long hard look at her life, from her early years to her adulthood, in an attempt to find an explanation for how she got to this point; who she can blame and what she can do to course correct her life.

This book is scathingly funny, deeply personal, downright awkward and, in some places, very uncomfortable to read. Her remembrances of her past dating life, viewed through the lenses of the post-Me Too movement, makes for some shocking self-revelations. It’s a hell of a read, and it’s guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and think about your own life. Highly recommended.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Employee of the Month:

Chaos – for her typing skills!

Well, that’s all from me this month. Stay safe, keep out of trouble and I’ll see you soon.

Lots of Love

Alex Leslie


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