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Hi All!

As you may have heard in the news, most of Australia is back in lockdown due to a new outbreak of COVID-19 in Sydney and several other cities. So far, I’ve been housebound for a few weeks now, with no end in sight for the foreseeable future.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to get my two vaccinations, so at least I have some protection should I need to venture out. But mostly, I’m just staying at home and catching up on my writing and reading.

This month, I have a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to my reading recommendations. I hope you find something that peaks your interest. In the meantime, stay safe and take care.

“The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA” by AJ Sherwood

From the blurb:

“Company policy forbids me from exchanging my blood, my soul, or my firstborn child with customers…”

When Ross starts working third-shift at a gas station, he doesn’t think anything extraordinary will happen. He expects a lot of quiet shifts.

Well, you know what they say about assumptions.

One explosion later and he’s the personal assistant to a vampire—who he admits is not only sexy, but the sane one—in charge of his supernatural clan’s paperwork, and managing any trouble the members get into.

Spoiler alert: the clan can get into quite a bit of trouble.

Ross is definitely not paid enough for this.

My Thoughts:

Originally released as a serialised story in the author’s newsletter, this book is the complete collection of these off-beat stories – and it’s a hoot! If you like M/M romance mixed with supernatural themes and a bowlful of absurdist humour, this one’s for you.

The two main characters are wonderful, but the highlight is all the side characters; a collection of wacky, weird and utterly adorable supernatural creatures.

Not a long read, but a thoroughly enjoyable one. I hope the author ends up writing more of these stories – it would make my day!

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

“Trucker and Pup” by Drew Hunt

From the blurb:

For months, office worker Kevin Lawrence has carried a torch for Joey Goldman, head driver at the haulage company where they both work. One rainy night, Kevin slips and falls on a patch of motor oil and Joey is there to catch him.

Despite being damaged both emotionally and physically from previous relationships, Kevin is helplessly drawn to the dominant trucker. Joey’s muscles and rugged good looks means he never has trouble finding men to take to bed. But no man has managed to get under his skin … until Kevin.

Life for Joey soon becomes complicated. He isn’t out to his family, but feels an increasing need to be Kevin’s Sir — to love, protect and guide his submissive lover.

Can Joey and Kevin make the journey together, or will outside forces and internal fears cause them to travel in opposite directions?

My Thoughts:

Trigger Warning: this book contains references to domestic violence, family abuse, abusive BDSM / questionable consent.

A dark story of two complicated and damaged men. One who believes their submissive tendencies is a magnet for abuse; the other an abuse survivor who believes being dominant and masculine is a sign of strength while emotional attachments are a sign of weakness.

Definitely not lighthearted reading, but an engrossing and engaging story with fascinating character dynamics. Drew Hunt’s books always seem to bring more to the table than the cover art or description give away, and this one is no exception. Worth the read if you are in the right frame of mind for it.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

“Fatal Shadows – The Adrien English Mysteries Book 1” by Josh Lanyon

My Thoughts:

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Fatal Shadows is still one of my all-time favourite mystery books (and the beginning of my favourite mystery series) and it’s not hard to see why.

Adrien English, the mystery bookshop owner and amateur sleuth is easily Josh Lanyon’s greatest creation. His love of books and old pirate films, his acerbic sarcasm and vulnerability all make for a brilliant character that is so easy to love.

If you haven’t read these books, drop everything and pick up this series right now. It features murder mysteries, romance, devil worshipers, serial killers and lots of nods to Film Noir epics and literary references to keep every book lover happy. Highly recommended!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Employee of the Month

Chaos: for her exceptional ottoman-guarding skills!
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Well, that’s all from me for this month. If you have any reading recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Until next month, stay safe and healthy – and happy reading!

Lots of Love

Alex Leslie


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