September Recent Reads

Hello All!

It’s been a busy month in my real life, featuring run ins with plumbers (in not even remotely sexy situations) car explosions (in even less sexy situations) and the universe doing it’s best to distract me from work, writing and a reasonable sleep pattern! But through it all, I somehow managed to keep up with my reading, so here are some highlights that I recommend for your “to be read” pile – so enjoy!

“An Unconventional Courtship / Union” by Scotty Cade

This is a but if a twofer – two seperate books, but it’s ultimately one continuing story. I went into this one expecting it to be one thing, but it ultimately surprised me several times. An enjoyable weekend read.

Tristan loves his job as Personal Assistant to billionaire CEO Webber Kincaid. The only thing he loves more, is Webber himself. But Tristan can never tell his straight boss, complete with famous supermodel girlfriend, that he is in fact completely head over heels in love with him , and has been for the last two years. Plus, the scandal would damage Webber’s reputation in the press and business world, which Tristan could never abide. So Tristan accepts that his unrequited love is the only kind of love he will have with Webber, and commits to doing everything he can to make his boss’s life easier and protected from harm.

But everything is not as it seems. You see, Webber is completely in love with Tristan. His supermodel girlfriend is just his best friend, and Webber feels he can never declare his true feelings for his PA. After all, Tristan is apparently straight, and a workplace sexual harassment case would shatter Webber’s business reputation. So, Webber hides his growing love for Tristan. But as they work closer together, their resolve to deny their attraction begins to crumble.

Can these two men find a way to set aside their preconceptions and see what’s been staring them in the face all along? It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Set aside your preconceptions regarding relationship dynamics and how you think this story will go. There’s more than a few twists in these two books. If your looking for something different to read, give this a go.

“Digging Deep” by Jay Hogan

A male midwife with Crohn’s Disease getting arrested by a Detective in a public toilet in New Zealand is an unusual choice of setup for a romance novel, but I got to admit, I really got into this one.

Drake has learned the hard way that his complicated life is not for everyone, and that a romantic happy ending is unlikely when you are a gay male midwife living with Crohn’s Disease. Sure, some guys are supportive of his busy schedule and his illness. But eventually when his health issues and work life inevitably cause friction, they’ll bail and leave Drake physically and emotionally shattered.

So when a handsome, cocky police detective asks him out on a date, Drake is taken aback. Not least of all because said detective arrested him in a public toilet on trumped up charges only a few hours earlier! But despite his prickly attitude, Drake can’t seem to shake the copper who seems determined to win his heart.

Caleb has never been the relationship type. He’s always been the “fuck ’em and leave ’em” type. But the sour, sarcastic midwife he arrested has his head in a spin. The more Drake tries to convince him that a relationship is a bad idea, the more Caleb is determined to convince Drake he’s wrong.

Eventually, Drake agrees to give things a try. But when tragedy strikes, will Caleb stand up and show he’s more than a player, or will Drake be proven right that his hopes for a happily ever after are just a pipe dream?

Beautifully crafted characters, a wonderfully woven story, and a sharp wit balanced with genuine drama and pathos makes this book an unexpected delight. Highly recommended.

“Pulling Strings” by Andrew Grey

One of my favourite authors proves once again he is the master of the M/M genre. His latest novel combines a high stakes case of industrial espionage with an intriguing romance between two excellently crafted characters.

Devon doesn’t know how a folder of stolen company secrets got in his bag, but he is soon dragged into a dangerous plot involving industrial espionage and technology theft – and his only chance of clearing his name involves teaming up with the man who thinks Devon is a thief!

Powers was hired to find out who stole a folder containing valuable corporate secrets. But when his prime suspect seems to be the most unlikely thief ever, he has no choice but to team up with Devon to uncover the real thief who seems to be pulling a lot of strings to get what they want – regardless of the cost.

As the two men work together, they cannot deny their immediate attraction. Powers doesn’t want to see Devon hurt, but when the stakes get raised and the real thief becomes dangerous, will their new romance cause them to get caught in the crossfire?

Andrew Grey has an uncanny ability to make you care about his characters. He crafts believable people with faults and flaws, and makes them relatable and memorable. Pulling Strings is fun, fast paced and an absolute joy to read. Add this one to your ‘must read’ list right now!

Okay, that’s all for this month. I hope you have a lovely September and I wish you Happy Reading to you all!

Lots of Love

Alex Leslie


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