NEWS: What I’m Currently Working On

Hi Everyone!

With Hearts Unfrozen released and being very well received, I now turn my attention to the other writing projects I have in the pipeline.

Firstly, I’m currently working on the chapter outline for the as yet untitled first story of the new Cooper’s Landing series of books.

This new series is actually a spin-off of the Men Of Melbourne series, featuring a minor character from Hearts Unfrozen moving to the isolated rural town of Cooper’s Landing (home town of Alex from Chasing The Cupcake Boy) where he will encounter some drama and, hopefully, the love of his life.

The chapter outline is almost complete, which means I can start writing the full, fleshed-our manuscript very soon. I don’t have a release date set for this title, but I expect it to be available later in 2020. More news as it comes to hand!

In Men Of Melbourne news, I’m currently drawing up plans for Book #4. I haven’t started a chapter outline yet, as I’m still putting together my initial ideas and forming the characters. This story will be a little different to previous entries in this series, as the characters and setting will be radically different. I don’t want to give too much away at this point – but this is a story that has been in the back of my mind for a while, and I really want share this unconventional and unique tale of love and friendship.

Finally, I’ve had a few people asking if there will be a third and final Cupcake Boy book. I have been hoping to bring you all the final chapter in Alex and Nick’s tale, but to be totally honest, I’ve been having trouble with putting together a good enough storyline. I have an idea of what I’d like to write, but the details continue to give me problems. I’ve been concentrating on other projects recently, in the hopes that inspiration will strike. So far, I haven’t had much luck.

So the third Cupcake Boy book is currently on hiatus. If and when I come up with a suitable idea, I shall revisit the project. In the meantime, I’m having a wonderful time working on the above stories, so hopefully you’ll enjoy them while you wait for Alex and Nick to walk down the aisle…

Well, that’s you caught up on everything that’s happening in my head! Thanks for your continued support, and I’m so happy you enjoy my writing.

Lots of Love

Alex Leslie


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