November Recent Reads

Hello All!

With the release of my latest book “Christmas With The Cupcake Boy” only days away, this month is shaping up to be very exciting. So here are some exciting books I’ve recently read to keep you busy while you wait for Release Day!

“My Sister’s Boyfriend” by Drew Hunt

Mike thinks Cory is the perfect man. He’s beautiful, muscular, funny, talented at football and has an amazing personality. There’s just one slight problem.

Cory is straight… and dating Mike’s sister! Unlike the losers his sister usually dates, Cory is the kind of guy Mike is happy to hang out with. So when his sister is away for a few days and Cory shows up with a broken foot from football practice, Mike is only too happy to invite Cory to stay until the lift in Cory’s building is repaired and he can look after himself while recovering.

But when Mike’s sister unexpectedly breaks up with Cory, Mike figures he’ll never see the handsome and charming football player again. However, Cory soon shows up again – only this time he wants to date Mike!

Mike has been here before, and he doesn’t want to be another straight guy’s experiment. Is Cory serious about dating a man? Is love really blind to gender? And what will Mike’s sister say when she finds out her ex wants to date her brother?

This was a fun novella featuring relatable characters, a charming English setting and a little bit of steam. An enjoyable weekend read.

“Doctor Perfect – The Omegas of Sweet Water, Texas – Book 1” by Beau Brown

Here is another Alpha / Omega MPREG title. Since discovering this genre a few months ago, I have found myself diving into these books whenever I need something easy and relaxing to read, but still has a bit of spice to it. This is the first in a long series of books, which can be read in order or individually.

Omega Fox Wilmington has a problem of being too blunt. He resents the rules and restrictions put on omegas, and he has a tendency to give his opinion, whether wanted or not. When he oversteps in the labor delivery room with Sweet Water’s newest hot shot baby doctor, sparks fly between the two men.

Alpha Liam Prost is new in town. The nurses are drooling over him, and his colleagues all respect him. In fact, everyone but that mouthy Nurse Fox seems to worship the ground he walks on. But even though he butts heads with Nurse Fox, he can’t deny the guy is sexy. He’d love a chance to put him in his place; at work and beneath him in bed.

When the two men run into each other at a bar one night, too much alcohol and searing animal attraction, make them forget what a bad idea sleeping and working together might be.

Fox and Liam embark on a physical relationship that is supposed to just be about pleasure, but their connection is too strong and soon feelings begin to take root. Unfortunately, both men are so busy guarding their hearts, neither one has the courage to admit how much they’re beginning to need the other.

This series is very enjoyable, featuring hot encounters, happy endings, cute couples and their even cuter babies! If this is your thing, you’ll love Beau Brown’s extensive back catalogue of MPREG romances.

“The Geek and His Bad Boys” by R. Cayden

What happens when two volatile tattoo artists, who’ve been friends, lovers and business partners for years, decide to experiment with an open relationship? They definitely didn’t expect to both independently meet and hook up with the same guy!

Dante and Striker have been together for years. Both dominant personalities with aggressive tendencies and jealously devoted to each other, their volatile relationship often leads them to have explosive arguments. During one such fight, the subject of an open relationship comes up. Neither man is keen on such an arrangement, but neither man wants to be the one to say no to it either.

So when Striker starts flirting with customers, Dante is infuriated and goes for a ride on his motorcycle. When he runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere, help comes in the form of shy, nerdy Frances. The two men are instantly drawn to each other and end up hooking up.

Frances is a big geek and he knows it. He works with computers, plays Dungeons & Dragons, and collects vintage postcards. He’s also probably the most predictable and least risk-taking man ever. So it’s no surprise that nobody believes him when he tells his friends about hooking up with the hot biker on the side of the road.

But even he can’t believe that when he finally stumps up the courage to get his first tattoo, the hot tattoo artist called Striker not only wants to hook up with him, but turns out to be Dante’s boyfriend – which he discovers when Dante walks in on them having sex!

After an explosive fight between the tattooists frightens Frances away, they know they have to make things right. They also come to realise that they may just have found the man to stabilise their rocky relationship and calm their more volatile tendencies. But will Frances be interested?

The Geek and His Bad Boys was a wonderful story. Author R. Cayden gives each of the three main characters complex backstories, which helps to give the reader insight into why these men behave and react the way they do. If you enjoy Dom/sub relationships, cute geeks, rough and tough bad boys with hearts of gold and passionate, hot scenes, you’ll love this book. Highly recommended.

Well, that’s all for this month! If you haven’t already preordered my upcoming Christmas novella “Christmas With The Cupcake Boy” (releasing this week!) you can do so here.

Until next month, Happy Reading to you all.

Lots of Love

Alex Leslie


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